Autotron Induction Heating Systems for the Automotive Industry®

The Autotron

Utilizing induction heating for safe flameless windshield removal, side molding removal, and the safe removal of SMC panels and other adhesive bonded automotive parts! 

Remove all types of automotive glass quickly without
knives or wire!
Applications Applications
Quickly remove
side moldings with
adhesive intact! 
Reuse original OEM tape!

An Induction Heater Saves You Time!!!

  • R&I your own automotive glass in less than 0.3 hours
  • Remove stubborn graphics & stripes in seconds (Glue is removed with stripe)
  • Quickly remove spay-in bedliners with little effort
  • R&I side mouldings in less the 0.1 hours, (re-use original OEM tape)

An Induction Heater Saves You Money!!!

  • Induction Heaters safely remove adhesive bonded components (roof panels, appliques, etc...) for reuse
  • Induction Heaters reduce the need for rubber/abrasive wheels and other consumables
  • Induction Heaters perform tasks that previously could not be done with traditional heat sources

An Induction Heater Improves Quality & Safety!!!

  • Induction Heaters only heat metal objects
  • Induction Heaters will not burn or melt glass, paint, plastic, or other nonmetallic materials
  • Induction Heaters will rapidly heat rusted fasteners without open flame, allowing work near plastic and other sensitive areas.

What is an Induction Heater and how does it work?

  • Induction Heaters are known by several different names.  One of the more common names is Heat Inductor.
  • Heat Inductors are nothing more than a high frequency AC inverter.
  • The Heat Inductor produces high frequency electrical currents that are used to power various heating attachments.
  • The heating attachments are also know as inductor heads.
  • The high frequency current from the Heat Inductor creates magnetic fields at the end of the inductor heads.
  • The magnetic field created by the Heat Inductor causes metal object to produce internal heat.
  • The inductor heads do not get hot.
  • The internal heat produced by the metal object is a result of induced electrical currents in the area where the inductor head is placed.
  • Heat Inductors work much like an electrical transformer with the inductor head being the primary of the transformer and the metal object being the secondary of the transformer circuit.
  • The heat produced by the Heat Inductor is ideal for the removal of all types of adhesive bonded automotive parts
  • Heat Inductors have 100's of autobody repair and industrial applications.

See your savings with the Autotron ROI / Savings Calculator


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